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EFK Fire Dragon Barrel

EFK Fire Dragon Barrel By EFK Fire Dragon is the best custom stainless steel threaded barrel for the FN Five seveN. We always do our best to keep them in stock at all times but occasionally run out. We reorder as soon as our inventory runs low, so we can provide them to you faster than any other company and make it a priority to always try and order more then projected. Feel confident when ordering that you will not have to wait more than 30-60 days. We ship within a week of receiving the order.

The best option when choosing a threaded barrel for your Five seven is an EFK Fire Dragon Barrel. Their barrels are all hand made which replaces you existing barrel with a beautiful stainless threaded version. Adding a suppressor or muzzle brake to is as simple as screwing it on the end of your barrel. The EFK Fire Dragon Barrel thread pitch is 10mm, which will not fit most suppressors. You must purchase the 1/2x28mm adapter so convert the 10mm threads to 1/2x28mm. The adapter is not included in the price of the barrel and must be added to the order.

About EFK Fire Dragon & Their Craftsmanship

EFK Fire Dragon is one of the largest manufacturers of threaded recoil reduction systems in the US. Because of design, conduct research and development, and testing all and in-house. This enables EFK Fire Dragon to produce the best barrels on the market for decades. Their mission is to design the best products using the most advanced materials and technology at an affordable price.  All of their products are backed by the industry’s best warranty and at FN57SALE we only sell the best quality products on the market.

First, EFK Fire Dragon devices limit the amount of felt recoil from any handgun they are installed into. EFK Fire Dragonupgraded spring system is included on every barrel they manufacture, reducing stress on the firearm. Consequently, recoil that was transferred to the shooter before is significantly reduced with the EFK Fire Dragon Barrel.  this makes any firearm with this technology more comfortable to shoot and accurate shooting follow-up shots.

First, we are proud to say that EFK Fire Dragon barrels are some of the finest pistol barrels available. They do this by carefully manufacturing each barrel using state of the art CNC machines from 416 stainless steel blanks.  Secondly, their proprietary process resulting in the highest tolerance of any barrel manufacturer in the world. An unbelievable tolerance of +/- 50 millionths of an inch on every barrel is simply amazing! Third, the barrel is bored and rifled using an EDM process (electrostatic discharge machine.) Lastly, each barrel is heat treated in a vacuum furnace after machining, which provides a superior finish of 16 RMS or better. This also cleans the barrel and gives a consistent Rockwell hardness of 40-43, The final product yields a super durable accurate barrel that will last a lifetime. In conclusion, EFK Fire Dragon Barrels are hands down the best barrels money can buy.

This EFK Fire Dragon Barrel is the preferred barrel f0r our Five seveN Suppressor the IA Slingshot



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