14.5mm Russian steel case AP ammo with 10% download and U.S. AP projectile. 1000rounds



14.5mm Russian steel case AP ammo

The 14.5 mm ammunition fired against:-
a. Armoured cars, trucks and inflammable targets.
b. On groups of personnel and motorized infantry unit.
c. On targets such as men, snipers, emplacements etc. when they are beyond the range of PKT machine gun.

The ammunition is of two types:-
a. Cartridge SA 14.5 mm. b 3 Trc (AP/I Tracer)
b. Cartridge Sa 14.5 mm 6 32rc (AP/I)

a. Penetration Penetrated 40 mm armour plate at 91.00 m at normal angle.
b. Incendiary functioning Satisfactory functioning at a distance of 137 m against 9 mm mild steel plate at 600angle.
c. Accuracy 32 cm (Mean figure of merit at 457.0 m)
Mass of complete round 192 ± 3 gm
Length 154.5 – 155.89 mm
Mass of Projectile 63 to 64.8 gms.
Chargemass 30.650 gms
Velocity 980 – 995 m/s
Pressure 3300 – 3500 Kg/cm2
Consistency 20 cm
Shelf life 10 years
14.5mm Russian steel case AP ammo
60 rounds are to be packed into a H2A Steel Box.
Packing Box size 311 x 156 x 196 mm
Gross Weight 15.5 Kg (approx)
New Weight 11.52 Kg
Hazard Classification
Compatibility Group S
Hazard Division 1.4
Fire fighting class 4
U.N No. 0012
Complete round consists of Cartridge Case, Primer KB-25 propellant charge and projectile.


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